How to Earn Online?


How Do I...?

Have you wanted to Earn online but do not know how?

How Do I make money online?

Ok, ok, ok, enough of clever words trying to impress
upon you to join this or that to make your life better.

I've absolutely had it with people who sign up to this or that opportunity which I am promoting and then do NOTHING.

They do not write me any emails, with questions or comments, they do not respond to anything I mail them, it is VERY frustrating.


    I will show you....  Not any more.... I will tell you how it is going to be.....
  how to begin your own Business...yes YOUR Business. This is dead easy.
  how to strategise your business. I have extensive knowledge on how you can do this.
  how to engage people to join your business. I can show you this too.
  how to teach them Duplication.  Easy.... monkey see, monkey do!
  how to show them the benefits of earning online.
  how to grow your business profitably. A little more work, but achievable.
  how to increase your earnings. Most importantly!!!



So who am I?

Ian G Chivers is my name, I live in England and have spent a lot of my life in the City of London in Banks both in commercial roles and IT. But who cares about that? Absolutely noone

Does anyone care that I have been working online since 1999?

Probably not.... so I won't bother mentioning anything else about that.

My first take on this website was to play the Mr. Nice Guy....but guess what?  No one cares.  So....


I will say that what I am trying to do here is to offer people the chance to own their own online business! Working with experts who can, and will, help them every step of the way.



The internet offers an enormous audience and potential to someone with a product to market, but when attending many seminars, I have seen lots of people who are attracted to an 'online way of life', who have not the first idea of where to begin.

To actually achieve earning an income online is not too difficult, however, let me say that it does need effort.  The many websites who are offering something and tell you that you can do this on autopilot sitting on the beach with your laptop, ....phew.  What they fail to mention is that yes, you can do that, but only after everything is set-up and running smoothly.  It is this process that takes your time and effort.  Initially, a LOT of time.

So, I will tell you now, this is not for everyone.  You will need to do some work.... there is a learning curve..... but for those who are willing to learn some things, then I can show you how you can begin to make money from your online efforts without falling into the holes I fell into!

When I first began, I bought into many schemes, bought many e-books, courses, mentoring and lots more.  I began to wonder if all my efforts were in vain and the money I had spent was wasted.  But then, I found my online niche and began to see results. The first revenue I received for my efforts was a wonderful feeling. And when it happened again, and again, I knew that I was on the 'right path'.

So...have I been making money online?  You bet!

To clarify the above; have I been making money online? ....yes I am now, but in the beginning I was tearing my hair out!!!  (You may see from my picture above there's not much left, so it's a good job I began earning).

You may see that this website is flash, no garish pictures, (unless you think mine is garish!), no banners advertising this or that to distract you.

Are you approaching your Retirement?
Do you have control over your own destiny?

Most importantly, will your Retirement provide
anything like the money you have been earning working?

Join my Team in the program I am in and YOU WILL MAKE MONEY.

This program has been in existance for many years, it pays out to its members every month without fail.

It's the old story, what you put in is what you get out. Put more effort in, and you will get a lot more out.

You WILL NOT get rich overnight by joining my Team, but you will be earning money after the first day, if you are really fired-up. Definitely within two months you should be breaking evan, and then the sky is the limit.

So. what I am offering you is the chance to join a team which is performing well, and a company which will give you all the information you desire to perform well in this business. Almost every tool that you need online is provided for you.

The information available on this site is not elsewhere in one place, (to my knowledge), and is a well researched mine of information to help you succeed. 

OK, Let's cut to the Chase Join My Team and change your life:

Click Below


If you have seen this site before, then I urge you to look again. Since January 2016 it has undergone so many changes it is absolutely not the same site as last year. (Well, almost).

Get to grips with this site, grab a coffee and shut out any interferences as you read about everything you need to know about getting YOUR OWN BUSINESS up-and-running.

You owe it to yourself - and your family - to get onboard here. It costs nothing to join and then very little, if you want to invest in yourself! But it need not cost you anything in the long run!

One thing I might ask you to do as soon as you join.... Go to the Launchpad, Day 11 and read what is there.  It might surprise you.

There is no excuse fpr you to spend all of the hours and money I did to get where I am. Just follow the instructions and you can begin your own revenue generating business as soon as you join.

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